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Bedpan, commode and emesis basin liners.

Other EZCareLiner Uses

Ambulance Rigs

  • Avoid fluid splatter
  • Provides easy and disposable clean-up

Private Home Care

  • Used with commodes, emesis basins, and bed liners

Disaster Sites

  • Provides temporary manner in which to confine bodily waste


  • Use as protective seat cover.
  • Use for unexpected illnesses

Baby Needs

  • Provides padded surface for convenient diapering
  • Contains self disposable bag

Additional Uses

  • Camping
  • Hunting
  • Furniture protector
  • Many more

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How to Use EZCareliners

Care made easy in 4 simple steps!

How to Use EZCareliners
with a Large Emesis Basin

Watch this demonstration of how
quick and easy the procedure is!