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Bedpan, commode and emesis basin liners.

About the Inventor

Hello, my name is Deb Madigan. For the past 30 years it has been my privilege to have worked in health care, mostly as a registered nurse, beginning in Madison, Wisconsin, where I received invaluable training
and education.

During these rewarding years of work I have witnessed many changes in health care, some for the better, some not.

In particular, one devastating and costly problem on the rise is the acquiring of infections, and the unsuspecting spread from one patient to another. One component to combat this problem is the practice of strict sanitary personal hygiene. Although proper hand-washing MUST be emphasized, it does not completely address the problem. During the actual cleaning up of bodily wastes, undetected spread of infectious material may occur in the environment.

A very private, yet unavoidable example is the challenge of cleaning up stool, blood, or fluid contaminated wastes on those unable to clean themselves. Splatters or smears of these infectious materials may
occur unknowingly.

This is where EZCareliners believes it can be of great help. Our mission evolved from the concern to improve, promote and make available alternate methods to practice efficient and hygienic clean-up of waste materials, particularly for the ill. We hope to create more protective environments for you, thereby impacting the problem of infectious spread.

We believe that you could benefit from the use of our liners. Try them. Tell us how they suit your needs...we'd like to hear from you...share with us your ideas and experiences. Join us in trying to make a difference!

Because you care, use EZCareliners.

Thank you.


Deb Madigan, R.N.